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"...from original family narrative to fantastical fiction, she guides the listeners through unforgettable moments filled with wit, warmth and hope. Having seen her perform, she is not to be missed live either.”

— Antonio Rocha

Storyteller, Author, Mime


Kaye Byrnes has been sharing stories with children and adults since 1996.  Her repertoire of folktales, fairy tales, fables, myths, legends, and classic literature along with original and historical stories is carefully crafted for listeners of any age.  She performs regularly for elementary, middle and high schools, libraries, care facilities, service groups, festivals, conferences and community events.


With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre, Byrnes is trained in the performing arts and carries her dramatic expertise to the storytelling stage.  Characters come to life, events unfold as if the listener were there and the story moves seamlessly from beginning to end, carried along on an exciting thread of humor, suspense, and anticipation.


As a coach, workshop and retreat leader, Byrnes helps others find their own creative spirit and storytelling voice. Her guidance is highly participatory and those who come with trepidation leave inspired and confident.


The Florida Storytelling Association awarded Byrnes their 2007 inaugural Distinguished Service Award in recognition of her leadership. In 2018, Byrnes was honored with the Annette J. Bruce Lifetime Achievement Award. 


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Kaye performs in front of thousands of people, of all ages, each year. Offering a variety of programs, stage shows, and educational workshops, Kaye can tailor any presentation to suit the needs and goals of your event.

Coach and Speaker

For more than two decades Kaye has been coaching and teaching artists and students to find their voice. 

Let her help you find yours.

"The power of storytelling is everywhere."
Kaye Byrnes

Kaye proudly comes to you from Florida, but she travels the continent working to bring story to your area.

Tel: 904.315.2079


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Stir: A Delicious Mix of Stories

by Kaye Byrnes

Since 1996 I’ve collected stories from many places. This kettle of tales represents the diversity of genre that makes storytelling such a powerful medium. A literary tale that reflects the genius of a classic American author, a personal story that reflects the joy and agony of everyday life, and a folktale that reflects the enduring lessons passed from generation to generation through stories.

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