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Communities are a tapestry of stories and storytelling is a unique and engaging art for any community of listeners – including adults.  If you’re an Activity Director, Program Coordinator, Event Planner or Festival Organizer, explore the endless possibilities.

These selected programs are highly customized to offer your audience a memorable and inspiring experience. 

What community are you serving?

Health care facilities
Social Service agencies
Assisted Living and Independent Senior communities
Church groups
Corporate retreats
Private clubs
Non-profit and service organizations

Selected Programs for Adults 

Adventures in Life; Stories for a Mature Mind

Moment by moment life marches on, delivering all the joy, sadness and challenges of a well-written novel. Adventures in Life takes a peek at the ups and downs of a life well-lived.

Stories From the Heart 

This collection of stories celebrates the ups and down of love, romance and life.  Especially suited for a Valentine’s Day program!

Wearing of the Green

These classic tales and folklore of the Irish extend beyond leprechauns and gold at the end of the rainbow. Perfect for St Patrick’s Day!

A Mother’s Love

This collection of stories warms the heart and brings a smile with tales of mothers, grandmothers and the lives they touch.  Perfect for Mother’s Day in May!

Father Knows Best

Celebrate fathers, grandfathers and their special role within the family with this collection of special stories. Perfect for Father’s Day in June!

Myths & Legends

Storytelling is the most ancient form of teaching and historical record.  No stories demonstrate this better then classic myths and legends.  Formed through generations of oral tradition, these stories capture the imagination and bring insight to our daily lives.

Count Your Blessings

Rarely do we slow down and appreciate the many small blessings in our lives. This collection of stories reminds us to take stock and be thankful for the special things that make our lives rich. Perfect for the Thanksgiving season.

Christmas Tales

For many of us Christmas holds more tradition than any other time of year.  These stories are rooted in the holiday of joy and giving, delivering the magic and meaning of the season.  Perfect for a December program!

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