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For groups, guilds and individuals interested in storytelling as an art, a business, or a teaching tool Kaye has the experience and expertise to help you satisfy your curiosity and achieve your dream. Contact Kaye to discuss scheduling and pricing options.

Workshops: Full and half day sessions are available.

Retreats:       A more intensive experience over two - three days.  

Coaching:    Individual assistance with whatever aspect of storytelling you wish to explore.

Storytelling 101: Tips, Tools & Techniques

Learn the basics of choosing, mastering and telling a story with a focus on finding your own storytelling voice and the confidence to build a repertoire of your own.

Storytelling and the Adolescent Audience

Adolescence is a complicated time and an audience of teen-agers can be daunting. Understanding the developmental context of these years provides a foundation for delivering effective programs.  This workshop leverages the tools of storytelling as a way to inspire and reach youth at a time when communication can be challenging.

Storytelling in Schools

School based storytelling requires a unique and education-based strategy.  Learn how to develop programs that connect to educational standards and build a plan that will open school doors.

Explore and Expand: Connecting With The Muse

Storytellers are artists and our creativity must be nurtured. Explore and expand your creative spirit, experience the power of your innate gifts and unleash the muse that fuels your artistic work.

Selling Your Telling 

Marketing and promotion are essential to building your storytelling opportunities.  Explore the many ways to connect with potential venues and fill your calendar with confirmed programs.

The Business of Storytelling 

Earning your living as a storyteller means you are a self-employed artist and requires an understanding of your business.  Learn how to budget for profitability, negotiate rates, write contracts, maintain business records and file your taxes...there's more to it than the performance!

Kaye Byrnes presented storytelling workshops for reading coaches in Polk County Schools. The information along with her dynamic story truly excited and enlightened these educators.  The district supervisors were very pleased with the information Kaye presented in a truly professional manner.

Terrie Stull Sullivan, Senior Technician Media Services

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