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School programs are designed to support state standards and classroom instruction. Customized programs and workshops are also available. They can be scheduled for specific grade levels or multi-age assemblies. District discount available for multiple bookings.



Kick off the school year, celebrate literacy or just have an in-school field

trip with a storytelling event that reinforces language arts learning standards.

It Pays to be Good!

Reinforce your character education program with stories that highlight the

cause and effect relationship between choices and consequences. One well-told story is worth a thousand disciplinary lectures!

Stories From Around the World

Take your students on a trip around the word. This program offers multicultural folklore, introduced in the context of the originating country or culture.

Reading With My Ears!

Inspire students to read by listening to stories of characters such as Anansi, Jack, and Rumpelstiltskin.  Imagining the story nurtures creative thinking, artistic expression and literacy skills.

Genre Jive

Expose students to the rich variations within the many genre of stories. Students experience folktales, fairy-tales, myth, tall tales, legends and biographies through the oral tradition of storytelling. Stories are introduced with a brief explanation of the genre.

Title 1 Parent Involvement – Family Literacy Night

Bring your school families together for an evening of stories and an important message. Learning to read and write must be encouraged at home. Parents are offered tips for helping the classroom teacher build literacy skills. An engaging, entertaining educational parent involvement program!

Build a Better Story!

A classroom "funshop" that introduces narrative structure and nurtures strong writing skills. A delightful combination of entertainment, education and fun.  Hear a story, explore the arc and components of narrative; then students choose the characters, settings, challenges and outcome so classroom storytellers can create an original story, on the spot.




Classics Alive

Stories by classic authors come alive in spoken word, inspiring a new perspective and interest towards Twain, O’Henry, Poe, Chaucer and others.

11th Grade English Students:

  • “The story was a lot different being heard rather than read.  It was easier to understand and I could paint a picture in my head.”

  • “I think that this storytelling was truly fascinating.  Her use of tone made me feel like I was in the story!  It also helped me create a vivid mental image.”


Security Clearance

I’m listed in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement school security database and hold a state-wide security badge.  I am established as a vendor in many of our Florida school districts.

“BRAVO from our faculty and students.  Thank you for a wonderful storytelling experience. They truly enjoyed the stories and have asked when you will be coming back.  Books have flown off the shelves!”
Linda Bish – Media Specialist – Oakcrest Elementary – Pensacola, FL

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